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Seattle, Washington, USA


Seattle, March 2006. My second visit here, the last time was 12 years ago.

Some things change, some things stay the same.
Opposite the Residence Inn, Tukwilla, there used to be an old railway station that was used as a restaurant - it's been demolished and replaced by a gas station and hotel. No wonder they dont have anything old left. There is even talk about moving the Space Needle!
Pike Place Market is still in business despite several attempts to relocate and rebuild.

The Monorail from down town to the Space Needle was being repaired, but another was being built from the airport to downtown. Lots of pylons and some track had been erected, but now it seems some of the scheme has been abandoned due to public pressure. It looks like it could be a good system when completed.

Space Needle

The Space Needle is 605' tall with an observation deck at 520', giving fabulous 360° views of Mt Rainier, Puget Sound and Seattle.

Pike Place Market

Created in 1907. The market has survived attempts to replace it. It has street level stalls and a warren of shops below. Including the famous throwing fish market.

Kerry Park

The best place to view Seattle.
On the side of Queen Anne Hill. Kerry Park was given to the City by Mr & Mrs Albert Sperry Kerry in 1927.

Seattle Art Museum

It was closed...
Not that I wanted to go in anyway. Hurrah!
If you want to go in see here.

Pioneer Square

Seattles oldest neigbourhood, near the sports stadiums, is now busiest after dark with live music and restaurants.

The New Orleans

The Cajun & Creole restaurant and Jazz bar is a lively place most nights. On first Ave, Pioneer Square, it is in the first building to be completed after the fire of 1889.

Mount Rainier

The highest volcano of the Cascade range last erupted in 1840 but the last major eruption was 2,300 years ago..

Crystal Mountain Ski

A long 1.5 hour drive from Seattle but Crystal mountain ski resort is worth it, with good views of Mt Rainier at the 6872' summit.

The Summit at Snoqualmie

Night skiing at the summit. Lower altitude than Crystal (3900') but a shorter drive from Seattle.

Harbor Cruise

From Pier 55 take an Argosy Harbor cruise. Enjoy the best views of the city and Elliot bay with a narrated tour


A new band touring with the sounds.
New single "Nth degree"

100.7 The Wolf

Seattles Country Music Station

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