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1992 - 2000

It all started with a spare simulator which we inherited from Brittania Airlines. It had to go somewhere, so a home was found for it in Miami at the PAIFA.
A good time was had by all - especially on the South beach area.

More simulators followed and we went to Atlanta just before the Olympic games in 1994.
We swapped an MD11 simulator for a 737-300 with Delta airlines.
It snowed while we were there and every where closed down except for one pub.

Seattle was next. Another 737-300 went to Alaskan Airlines.
Sweaty Nipples at the Pheonix Underground was the highlight of the trip.

Back to Atlanta where we couldnt get a hotel for love nor money. A combination of pre Olympic building and the "Promise keepers" AGM.

Then Denver - many times with United Airlines a 757 and an A320.

MIAMI South Beach Aug '94

Here we are relaxing on a Sunday afternoon waiting for the wet T-Shirt competition. PN takes a picture of the natives, who dislikes his attention, At the same time GLA's camera, on timer, takes this photo.

Miami Coastguard station
Beach Hut

South Beach, Miami

Life Guard Beach Hut

Miami Fla

Ocean Drive, Art Deco District.

Art Deco


When the Space needle was built in 1962 for the "World's Fair", it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River.
The Space Needle sways approximately 1 inch for every 10 mph of wind. It was built to withstand a wind speed of 200 miles-per-hour.


Downtown Denver viewed from the hotel at the old airport (Stapleton). With the Rockies in the background.

Royal Gorge

Royal Gorge Bridge, Co. Oct 2002

The world's highest suspension bridge located near Cañon City, Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge hangs 1053 feet above the Arkansas River

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