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Qingdao, Shandong province, China


My first trip to China, April 2006.
Qingdao will be the home to the sailing events of the 2008 Olympic games.

Travelling around Qingdao is easy, just hop in a taxi. If you are walking many will stop and ask if you need a lift. Beware though, that the driving is rather erratic by all road users and several journeys may be better made with your eyes closed.

Qingdao (''Green Island'')

The view from the hotel window.
Qingdao is situated on the Yellow Sea, in the east of Shandong province and is a major sea port.

Crowne Plaza

The Crowne Plaza is a great hotel, situated in the Shi Nan district. Next door is Jusco, a Japanese owned supermarket. Hotels, bars and good food is within walking distance.


The pier, and octagonal Pavilion of the Rebounding Waves is a major attraction Built in 1891 and renovated in 1931

Qingdao Bay

The view from Huican Cape, across Huican bay and Qingdao bay.

Wusi guangchang

May 4th Square

Luxun Park

Walking through Luxun Coastal Park. The walkway runs along the coast from the pagoda all the way to Wusi and beyond.
(L-R) Pavillion, a tea house & TV tower.

Between Heaven and Earth

Monty Python sculpture in Bronze


Chicken dinner, probably best avoided... Food in Qingdao is actually very good. Nothing like what you would get in a chinese restaurant in the UK. Chilli is a regular ingredient here.

Tsingtao beer & Museum

Known all over the world, Tsingtao beer was first brewed by the Germans in Qingdao in 1903. It is brewed using the mineral water from Mountains of Laoshan. BTW Tsingtao is pronounced the same as Qingdao - "Ching-dow".

No 1 Bathing Beach


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