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Who is that girl?

Miami, South Beach.

Ahhh! ... Those were the days! Here we are on Miami's South beach, at the coastguard station. A peacefull Sunday afternoon with our pitchers of beer, watching the girls go by.....

August 1994. Was it that long ago! We were in Miami installing the ex-Brittania 767 simulator in PAIFA facility (PanAm)

From left to right we have Graham Lewis-Ashley, Mark Wolff (Me), Kevin Kitchen, That girl, Keith Fisher and Paul Northmore.

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His Genealogy Pages

Tracing my fathers family tree began with a rumour that my Great Grandfather Alfred Ferdinand Wolff may have been a German diplomat in Egypt.

It turns out he was a British vice consul in Egypt and the German link was much further back with Charles Wolff from Leipzig.
Alfred later arrived in Liverpool with a Dutch wife.

Other family names in this tree are:
Duffy, Amy Jones, Augusta Frey, Douglas Maurice Wolff (aka Paul Sheridan) & Pamela Nathan.

My Mothers family tree was harder to start as she was born toInnes Bradbury but adopted by Alfred Charles Wilson.

Tracing the tree led back to Liverpool and Zoro Innes, an accountant, and George Bradbury an Architect.

Edward Kinder Bradbury VC who died in the First World War, is honoured here.

Other family names in this tree are:
Reginald Sparks, Agnes Mary Parry, William Nathan King,

Her Genealogy Pages

Starting with a family legend that we were descended from Flora Macdonald, this family tree traces back to Andrew Macdonald c1800, and still looking for that link to Flora.

During the research we have found other people also interested in this family line.

Hugh Doherty, who has also created a website about his family, is the grandson of George Macdonald.

Names include Joseph Andrew , Florence Maria Crowther, Crowther-Alwyn and Selina Ibberson

Tracing my fathers family tree back to Robert Dawes c1740.

Jane Jones has been researching this tree for some time and has kindly shared much information.


Includes Richard Brookholding Menlove Dawes, Florence Coldicott and Annie Newman.


These pages were designed to assist any colleagues who may have an opportunity to visit Helsinki. I stayed in Helsinki for about 4 months during the installation of a 757 flight simulator. A few excellent return visits have followed. Helsinki is a very nice place in summer - but it can be a little chilly in winter!
Hong Kong
This is my second trip to this fascinating location. Here are a few ideas on places to visit and things to do.

Some photos from Atlanta, Miami, Denver and Seattle. I'm revisiting Seattle soon.
Some snaps from Oz. Brisbane in the winter is a nice place to visit. The days are dry and warm and the evening are cool.
Beware the problem of finding accomodation when sports events are on.
Some snaps from Berlin 2005 and also 1967.
My first stay in Berlin was when my father was stationed here in the RAF. When I went to work at Lufthansa, I visited many of the same places to see what had changed.

This is a series of picture pages created for the sale of my TR5. I had owned the vehicle for about 6 years. As I wasn't getting to use it much (too busy working) I thought it was time to sell. It now lives in Brighton and I no longer work so much!

-MG Midget-
20 years I've been working on this car, about time it was finished... ...


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