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JYC 603


JYC 603
That's the little car for me,
We will go, near and far,
in our little motor car.

Top speed of 55mph,
with a strong tailwind,
and a very long road.


JMS 413

UGS 843

This is a series of picture pages created for the sale of my TR5. I had owned the vehicle for about 6 years. As I wasn't getting to use it much (too busy working) I thought it was time to sell. It now lives in Brighton and I no longer work so much!
MG Midget . . . EOW 634D
A blog dedicated to the 1966 MG Midget MkII that has just returned from painting. It was my first ever car and hopefully will be running again soon... ...
  EOW 634D
  Above is the Midget just on its way to the spray shop. 6 months later it has returned and can be seen below.    

after respray    
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