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Descendants of Mary Abson c1770

Generation No. 1

1. MARY (Source: IGI C016262.)

Child of MARY is:

i. JOHN ABSON, b. Oct 1789, Campsall, Yorkshire.

Generation No. 2

JOHN ABSON (MARY) (Source: IGI C106262.) was born Oct 1789 in Campsall, Yorkshire (Source: IGI C106262.).

He married CHARLOTTE LORRIMAN (Source: IGI P007271.) Oct 1824 in Leeds, Yorkshire (Source: IGI M106261.), daughter of JOHN LORRIMAN and ELIZABETH BADDELEY. She was born May 1803 in Hooton Pagnell, Yorkshire (Source: IGI P007271.), and died Feb 1872 in Crompton Street, Armley, Leeds - age 69 (Source: Death cert.).

More About JOHN ABSON:
Occupation: Tailor


i. HENRY ABSON (Source: IGI C1062621.), b. 1827, Campsall, Yorkshire

ii. WILLIAM ABSON (Source: IGI C106261.), b. 1830, Campsall, Yorkshire.

iii. ANN ABSON, b. 03 Mar 1833, Campsall, Yorkshire; d. Jun 1900, Leeds, Yorkshire - age 67.

iv. MARIA ABSON (Source: IGI C0106261.), b. 1835, Campsall, Yorkshire.

v. ELIZABETH ABSON (Source: IGI C106261.), b. 1839, Campsall, Yorkshire.

vi. GEORGE ABSON (Source: IGI C106261.), b. 1841, Campsall, Yorkshire.

Generation No. 3

ANN ABSON (JOHN, MARY) (Source: IGI C106261n.) was born Mar 1833 in Campsall, Yorkshire (Source: IGI C106261.), and died Jun 1900 in Leeds, Yorkshire - age 67 (Source: Death cert.).

She married JOSEPH IBBERSON (Source: IGI C106281.) Aug 1850 in Leeds, Yorkshire (Source: Marriage cert.), son of GEORGE IBBERSON and MARY PICKERING or CUTT. He was born Jun 1826 in Darton, Yorkshire (Source: IGI C106281.), and died Dec 1904 in Armley, Leeds - age 78 (Source: Death cert.).

More About ANN ABSON:
Cause of Death: Cancer of the liver & stomach
Residence: 1851, Acorn Hill, Bramley, Leeds

Children of ANN ABSON and JOSEPH IBBERSON are:

i. HENRY IBBERSON (Source: Census 1871.), b. 1851, Leeds, Yorkshie.

ii. MARIA IBBERSON (Source: Census 1871.), b. 1852, Leeds, Yorkshie.

iii. GEORGE IBBERSON (Source: Census 1871, 1881.), b. 1859, Leeds, Yorkshie.

iv. WALTER IBBERSON (Source: Census 1871, 1881, 1891.), b. 1864, Leeds, Yorkshie.

v. JOHN E IBBERSON (Source: Census 1871, 1881, 1991.), b. 1868, Leeds, Yorkshie.

vi. SELINA IBBERSON, b. Mar 1869, Leeds, Yorkshire; d. Mar 1948, Bath, Somerset.

vii. ANNIE IBBERSON (Source: Census 1881.), b. 1872, Leeds, Yorkshie.

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